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Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Musician (vocals, keyboards, harmonica, guitar, drums), Teacher

At around age 8 a very young Jeff Lehman used to watch his father make homemade recordings of his band with his 2 track Teac tape machine. There were chords everywhere and equipment strewn about the basement. Jazz, blues, and soul cats used to come over the Lehman house for some incredible jam sessions. Some of the old pros old man Lehman used to perform with included: Marvin Gaye saxophonist, the late Larry Nozero (Mercy Mercy Me, What's Going On) and arranger Dave Van De Pitte (What's Going On). Various members of the Funk Brothers used to come in and out as well. Jeff's mother, Pat Lehman, is also a phenominal singer of R&B, jazz, and soul. Many used to tell stories of the road to young Jeff. Jeff's fascination with music and recording gear began as he would tweak a knob here and there on the Teac...mostly when Dad wasn't looking.

Both of Jeff's parents are now both retired but held jobs in the professional world.His Dad, Bill Lehman, worked as an accountant and benefits professional at Ford Motor Company. His Mother, Pat Lehman, was the Communications Director for the City of Sterling Heights. 

Fast forward many years later to 1997, and Jeff has graduated with a Masters Degree in Business from Central Michigan University. He has received royalty checks for his songs, made it into "Who's Who in the Midwest," and is fully entrenched in music, recording gear, and another huge love....computers. 

Jeff's two careers, computers and music, once seemed distant from each other. However as the digital boom of the early nineties exploded into the field of multi-media, these two careers shook hands and are working closely together. Jeff is now able to utilize strengths in both careers simultaneously. He records music on his computer, and trains people on computer office automation techniques. He uses these techniques himself in developing his own website which provides information of both of his endeavors: his music and computer instruction. 

As a Computer Office Automation Specialist/Teacher,Manager Jeff has spent many years covering a wide gamut of experiences; everything from graphics, presentation and engineering documentation, sound, office automation, sales, training, spreadsheets, web development, and database creation. As an instructor he operates a sole proprietorship, Musicom that offer music and education services. He currently has on-going  contracts with Dorsey Schools, Schoolcraft College, Chippewa Valley Schools, Birmingham Schools, City of Warren, and various private tutoring sessions. He maintains high student pass and evaluation rates consistently. He works closely with administrators in curriculum development and student retention. He developed programs for retention, GED, and a High School Completion program that have improved retention and enrollment by 80%. 

As a Musician, Jeff wears many hats; singer, songwriter, teacher, adjudicator, keyboard player, engineer, and producer. In 1985 Jeff taught keyboards at The Music Castle in Royal Oak, Michigan. A then unknown drummer named Chad Smith taught drums in the next room. Jeff commented, "It got to be tough trying to teach rhythm to a piano student when Chad and his student were pounding away in the next room. Eventually we gave in and would just play along to the beat they were laying down."--Jeff Lehman, July 10, 2014. 

In February 1992, Jeff was elected into the American Guild of Music, where he would judge vocal and piano competitions. In May 1993 he was elected into BMI (Broadcast Music Industry) as a publisher and writer for his airplay of songs. Since that time Jeff has perfomed live and in the studio with a variety of local and national acts including: JIM GOLD AND GALLERY, CUB KODA (BROWNSVILLE STATION), ELLIOT  LURIE (LOOKING GLASS), JOEY MOLLAND (BADFINGER), MARK LINDSAY(PAUL REVERE AND THE RAIDERS), OTIS DAY AND THE NIGHTS, SONNY GERACI AND THE OUTSIDERS, CLIMAX.

In 1997 and 1998 Jeff received royalty checks for airplay of "Don't Look Back" off his debut release. The song was played very frequently in eastern Canada during those times. On July 3, 2002, Jeff released a CD entitled "Lehman's Terms." The CD featured songs by Jeff, and a song, "Every Road I Take," by famed songwriter Eddie Schwartz. Performances on the CD include members of Population 3, The Teen Angels, Gallery, and Gary Kwek's Temptation horns. In 2003-2004 "Everything Must Change" off the CD had earned and estimated 200+ airs in Switzerland. In 2005 Jeff  produced two songs for a CD for Detroit artist Jim Wirth. One of those songs, "My Lovely Lady" received much airplay in central Michigan. 

In December 2005 Jeff got a rare opportunity to work with Motown musical idols The Funk Brothers when he got a call from the BBC Radio Network Ten Alps to work on the Internet special: "Marvin Gaye: The Making of What's Going On:" an in-depth look at the making of that legendary album. At Bar Beach in Port Washington New York during Memorial Day May 2007, Jeff received a standing ovation by singing the National Anthem  before thousands while on stage with Looking Glass. On January 23, 2010, "Immune to a Heartache," a jazz ballad Jeff wrote and produced for British singer, Judy Shire, was featured on the website of the British NME video awards.

On July 26, 2013, Jeff was hired as the Music Director/keyboard Player for Mark Lindsay to play a 60th birthday party for Suzy Buffett, the daughter of billionaire Warren Buffett. Many celebrities, including Hillary Clinton were in attendance.  

From 2003-2017 Jeff was the music director/keyboard player for Looking Glass featuring Elliot Lurie. He booked and played in the bands shows in New York, Minnesota, Las Vegas, Ohio, and Michigan.

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